Born in Kerala, India - I spent most of my childhood in various parts of the country. 

After completing my schooling in a number of Kendriya Vidyalayas, I got interested in
computer science and eventually managed to enroll into an undergraduate program in CS
Engineering. Then I was passionate about anything 
Microsoft and played a lot with the
new C#. 

Eventually I joined work at Pramati into their Engineering team where I built some
shiny things into their well-designed Java EE Application server

I presently work for the Engineering team at IBM, where I help build their e-commerce insight offerings.

I am active at IBM tech vitality, where I twice won the IBM hackday.
I am actively involved in incubation projects and cross-brand opportunities within IBM. 

I am also a committer (Code contributor) to the open source Apache Web Services Stack - 
Apache CXF and 
was a member on the JCP expert group for JSR 303 - Bean Validation spec.

food lover, biryani, photos, travel, 6 languages, explore
Bit of humor needed to be a human

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